Ace Berry Breeze Low 4mg

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Juicy berries and a cooling menthol sensation

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Ace Berry Breeze Low

Ace Berry Breeze Low is the perfect nicotine pouch product for those seeking a refreshing and satisfying alternative to smoking. These low slim pouches are made with a carefully crafted blend of flavors, including juicy berries and a cooling menthol sensation.

Each can of Ace Berry Breeze Low Slim contains 20 pouches, each with a slim profile that fits comfortably in your mouth. These pouches are designed to be discreet and comfortable, providing a convenient and enjoyable nicotine experience throughout the day.

Ace Berry Breeze Low Slim is a great option for those who prefer tobacco-free and smoke-free nicotine products. With a low level of nicotine, these pouches are a popular choice for those who want to cut back on smoking or quit altogether. Try Ace Berry Breeze Low today and experience it yourself.

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Nicotine per pouch

3.9 mg

Nicotine per gram

6 mg/g

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