Kelly White Raspberry Lemon Mini 6mg

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Sweetness of raspberries with a subtle hint of lemon
Expiry date: 2024-05-22

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Kelly White Raspberry Lemon Mini

Raspberry Lemon is a delightful nicotine pouch flavor reminiscent of a refreshing raspberry sorbet. Experience a cool and invigorating sensation, followed by the sweetness of raspberries and a subtle hint of lemon. This flavor profile marks Kelly White’s debut in the mini portion range. These premium nicotine pouches are carefully crafted to maintain a perfect moisture level, ensuring optimal flavor release and an extended enjoyment. Discover Kelly White’s mini-sized pouches, each containing 6mg of nicotine, conveniently packaged in a can with 20 portions, providing you with a satisfying and long-lasting nicotine experience.

Expiry date: 2024-05-22

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Nicotine per pouch

6 mg

Nicotine per gram

12 mg/g


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