VELO Fresh Jalapeño Slim Strong 8mg

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Tantalizing fusion of lime and chili flavors

Expiry date: 2024-04-14

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Expiry date: 2024-04-14

VELO Fresh Jalapeno is a new flavor that combines the invigorating citrus notes of lime with the bold heat of jalapeno pepper. These slim portions come in a convenient package, each containing 20 portions made from plant fibers. With a high nicotine content, this product is classified as a strong option.

VELO Fresh Jalapeno Slim Strong nicotine pouches deliver a tantalizing fusion of fruit and chili flavors. With 11.4 milligrams of nicotine per gram, these pouches pack a punch. It’s important to note that all white portions from VELO do not contain any tobacco but provide pure nicotine and carefully crafted flavorings.

British American Tobacco (BAT) is the manufacturer behind the VELO brand, renowned for producing a wide range of nicotine pouches with different flavor combinations and strengths. VELO Fresh Jalapeno Slim Strong boasts a nicotine strength of 3/4, ensuring a satisfying experience for nicotine enthusiasts.

Embrace the boldness of VELO Fresh Jalapeno Slim Strong and immerse yourself in the dynamic blend of fruit and chili flavors. Elevate your nicotine enjoyment with these slim pouches designed for convenience and maximum flavor impact.

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Nicotine per pouch

8 mg

Nicotine per gram

11.4 mg/g

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