XQS Blueberry Mint Strong


Sweet blueberry flavor combined with a cooling mint.

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XQS Blueberry Mint Strong

Sweet blueberry flavor combined with a cooling mint – this taste makes you think of blueberry ice cream. The pouches are all-white and do not stain the teeth, slim portions that give a comfortable feeling under the lip.

Disclaimer: Snusifer was born out of the lack of a truly dedicated white snus shop. A place where customers could conveniently browse through a broad product catalogue from the premium Swedish makers of nicotine pouches.

We believe white snus nicotine pouches to be the smoke-free future choice of a healthier world, offering a tasty, stylish and invigorating energy boost. All the while making tobacco-stained teeth and disturbing cigarette smoke a thing of the past.

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Nicotine per pouch

10 mg

Nicotine per gram

20 mg/g


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